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Camp Right by Chris Conway (II)

by TravelCurators Editorial | 6 August 2010 | | 0 comments

Chris Conway's camping tips continued...

Minimise the impact of fires

  • Do not build camp fires. Use a backpacking stove instead.
  • If you do not have a stove buy or rent one
  • Use a candle lantern for light. If you do use natural candles, do not allow wax to fall on the vegetation.
  • Leave the saw and axe at home

Respect the home of the wild

  • Remember, You are the guest. Common decency is to keep a guest's home untouched.
  • Observe wildlife from a distance. Do not feed any animal.
  • Pack out all food items (even waste)
  • Camp at least 200 feet away from the water source. Your presence might scare off the animals.

General Tips
  • Leave no trace for your future visits
  • Keep the music system at home. You have chosen to camp to enjoy the wilderness, let the natural symphony reveal itself. 
  • If you do camp with pets, keep them on a leash and away from a water source.
  • Report people who litter or damage resources to the proper authorities. Your camp leader will have the contact numbers.
  • If you do use a hammock, protect the tree with a bandana or socks to prevent damage from the ropes. Please do not use nails. 

  • In rocky terrains, beware of snakes. If you do spot one, do not try to kill it. Contact your camp leader.
  • Avoid areas notorious for landslides and flash floods
  • Breeze blows up the hill during the day and down during the night. Set up your tents accordingly. Breeze can keep down the insects.
  • Remember, you have come to relax and unwind. Enjoy the natural surroundings as is. Campsites which are abused by human interference are bound to be closed by the authorities.
  • Try as much as possible to reduce your impact and if possible clear the waste of other campers.

Help preserve what you came to experience and enjoy in the first place. Let the wilderness be as is.

To learn more about low-impact camping, visit backcountryattitude.com


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