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Dudhsagar Trek

by TravelCurators Editorial | 5 February 2010 | | 0 comments

Adventure sport is slowly stealing away the limelight from the white sands of Goa. Niche travellers have been exploring the depths of Goa for some action-packed and challenging wild adventures that only a brave few can tame...


Goa is soon becoming a trekker’s haven as exploring Goa on foot continues to grow as a means to drive away the mundane blues of the white-collared jobs in the cities. 

Shying away from the usual crowded coast of Goa, cascading 306 metres in two segments is a trekking paradise.  Dudhsagar is the largest and the highest waterfalls in Goa. It can be accessed through a jeep track, the rails or by foot.  

Although the best time to visit Dudhsagar is soon after monsoon, some wild trekkers will beg to differ. Most ardent trekkers take the obvious foot-route post July since the area is untouched at this time of the year by the not-so adventurous types.  Rain trekking is their way of doubling the risk and enriching the experience.

Some other not-so risky spots for hiking and trekking include the Tambdi Surla and the Chandrasurya temples. YHAI-Goa conducts a 10-day trek each year in December. They also conduct one-day hikes.

Rock-climbing, rappelling, river-crossing, jummaring, kayaking and canyoning also draw a fair amount of adventurers.

Most thrilling activities demand the travellers adhere to the safety guidelines. If you are high on adventure and love the adrenaline rush, we suggest you also learn how to travel light and safe.

• Be aware of the travel duration
• If new to trekking, please consult the trek organiser
• Carry enough fluids
• Please carry safety gear
• Work in a team and do not flaunt your guts
• The trekking spots treat you well. Please give back in kind. Do not litter.
• Do not steer away without informing the team. Curb your enthusiasm.


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Map of Goa

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