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Camp Right by Chris Conway (I)

by TravelCurators Editorial | 6 August 2010 | | 0 comments

Want to camp right? Chris Conway shares his camping tips...

Plan ahead

  • Carry a backpacking stove so you don't build camp fires
  • Reduce the trash you bring into the wilderness. Eliminate unnecessary material such as cardboards and tin foils.
  • Pack earth-coloured clothes. This includes leafy green, woody brown or khaki. Stay clear of red, blue and yellow lest you attract insects and bugs.
  • Pack multi-purpose gear. For instance, pack a duct tape as a repair kit and first aid; bandana as a towel, wash cloth, headgear; trek poles for balance and protection against animals (just to scare them off not hurt)
  • If you are travelling with friends, check the gear list to avoid duplicity of heavy items.

Travel and camp on durable surfaces

  • Tread designated trails and walk in a single file to avoid denuding the landscape
  • Camp and travel in small groups
  • Stay on the trail even if it is muddy and wet. If you walk around the mudhole, the trail will widen and become muddier.
  • Good campsites are not made but found. Do not create new campsites.
  • Choose a campsite that has some elevation not depression. Breeze can keep down the insects. Avoid tall grassy areas since ticks, ants and bugs live there. 
  • Do not wear heavy boots with deep treads. Wear camp shoes (sandals, sneakers) to minimise impact.

Manage your waste

  • Store food to protect it from animals
  • Leave the campsite the way you saw it when you arrived
  • Carry out all your trash including biodegradables such as fruit peels
  • Do not bury your trash, animals can dig it out. This can be detrimental if the animals consume plastic waste.
  • Wash yourself and the dishes at least 200 feet away from any water source
  • Please do not carry shampoos with you. Keep chemicals out. 

Leave what you find

  • Do not take home souvenirs in the form of stones, leaves, shells or other artefacts
  • Do not pound nails into the trees or damage live vegetation
  • Take home only pictures and memories
  • Do not alter the site to suit your needs
To learn more about low-impact camping, visit backcountryattitude.com


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