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Vijaydatta Lotlikar: Master Craftsman

by TravelCurators Editorial | 14 June 2010 | | | 0 comments

Coconut shells to replace plastic utility items...

Coconut Craft


Somewhere in the serenity of Parra (Goa), a man goes about his usual business of
beautifying unasssumingly plain coconut shells. "Nothing plain about the shells. Coconut shells are brown gold!" asserts the man.

Vijaydatta Lotlikar is one of those men who make low-impact actions a way of life.
He started his art in the early 90s adding a huge collection of statues, crosses, cutlery, pen holders, lamps and badges. He went on the enter the Limca Book of Indian Records in 2003 for creating the tallest coconut shell-crafted oil lamp.

Statue of coconut       Jar made of coconut       Necklace       Telephone made of coconut

He keenly shares his experience and mastery with the youth by conducting training in schools and institutes across Goa. His wife, Nilam runs a coconut craft business under the label of Kalpvriksha Kala.


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