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Azulejos: Hand-painted tiles in Goa

by TravelCurators Editorial | 16 March 2010 | | | 0 comments

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Azulejos refers to a mosaic of hand-painted ceramic tile. It was introduced in Portugal by the Moors who learnt the craft from the Persians. The tiles are usually in blue and white tempting many to believe the word Azulejos was derived from Azule meaning blue in Portuguese. The word however, stems from the Arabic word Zellige meaning a little polished stone. 

Azulejos in Goa was introduced by the Portuguese during their 450-year long rule. Such tiles seen across Goa were used to decorate the entrance walls.

Jorge Colaço painted the Azulejos in the Central Library, Panaji. The art was completely abolished after the liberation of Goa. It was reborn in 1998 by Goan artists.

  Azulejos     Azulejos

Orlando Noronha is Goa’s Azulejos artist and a musician of the band Trio Orlando. He works from his 200 sq. ft art studio while Tina, his wife manages the art gallery located within their house.  Orlando also conducts workshops in tile painting.

When in Goa, you can stop by one of the Aparant Emporia and buy an exquisite tile painting as a souvenir for your loved ones.


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