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Earthworm Eco-store in Porvorim (Goa)

by TravelCurators Editorial | 10 March 2010 | | 0 comments

The Earthworm eco-store is an effort to provide a platform for conscious low-impact consumerism...

Earthworm Store 


Started by two green thinking local entrepreneurs this eco-store is

inspired by the humble earthworm that lives beneath the soil and toils tirelessly for the earth’s benefit by churning good soil to great soil! 


The eco-store is an effort to provide a platform for conscious low-impact consumerism. Apart from bringing together products for alternative green living, this eco-store offers an exotic range of products from fair trade organisations, local self-help groups, traditional master craftsmen and artisans in view to support local living economies.


Current range of products

Recycled: Trendy bags, pouches, wallets and mats made from waste polyethylene bags and waste fabric. Lamps and sculptures made from scrap. 

Recycled Products   Recycled Products


Green: Traditional organic food items from the Malnad region, a line of herbal cosmetics from the Nilgiris, hand-made soaps from the Himalayas, bio-cleaning agents and home composting units

Home-made Wines 


Eco: Stationery made from elephant dung, jewellery from terracotta, wild palm and coconut, and baskets made from cane, palm and bamboo Products made from Elephant Dung    Cane Containers


Handcrafted: Intricately woven furnishings, bed spreads and rugs, ethnic pumpkin lamps, traditional lace-ware of Goa and home décor products made from natural fibres, twigs, domestic sheep wool and organic cotton hand-painted T-shirts

Coconut Craft


Earthworm does not limit itself to being a store. It envisions itself as a space for sharing of thoughts and opinions, organising programmes and conducting workshops on conscious living. 

Earthworm intends to host a library on alternative living and environment as a part of its burrowing activities.  Like their hero the Earthworm, this eco-store is a small endeavour to create better soil for future generations.  

If low-impact lifestyle is your mantra, add the Earthworm eco-store to your itinerary.


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