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Fort Cabo De Rama

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This fort in the Canacona taluka is named after Lord Rama who is believed to have sought shelter here during his exile...

Bastion of the Fort 

The Cabo De Rama Fort was once armed with 21 guns, had two springs and was a prison till 1955. The fort now houses a church. Nothing really spectacular about the fort but the view from the fort is breath-taking.

When you arrive at Cabo De Rama, you can choose to walk either right towards the beach or left towards the fort. Try both if time and weather permit. If you have less time, move towards the fort for a splendid view and great photography experience.

View of the Entrance        Scorpion        Beach End

As you enter the fort, you may have to pay an entry fee of 100 rupees to the caretaker who will give you a receipt. You can ask the caretaker for guidance or proceed towards the main entrance. Near the entrance, to your left, take the steps heading up to the bastion of the fort. You can start your photography session here or simply gaze at the beach end towards the north.

Caution: Cabo De Rama is known to house snakes and scorpions. Please be very careful when hiking towards the beach end. If you do spot a snake, do nothing to disturb it by attempting to kill or pick it. Please ask the locals around for help or simply let the reptile go about its own business.


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