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Mormugao, the gateway to Goa Dourado...

Natural Harbour
Mormugao is unlike any other taluka in Goa with a natural harbour, the first railway line from Vasco Da Gama to Castle Rock in Karnataka and an international airport making Goa one of the few places in the world with all modes of transport within a radius of 5 kms.

Earlier during the Portuguese rule, Mormugao was called the Pearl Necklace since it was surrounded by many islands and strings of volcanic rocks which appeared like a necklace around the neck of Goa.

Japanese Garden      Pilot Point      Hollant Bay

Some popular landmarks in Mormugao include the 400-year-old church of St. Andre, Vasco city, Bogmalo, Hollant and Velsao beaches, Sao Jacinto Island, Japanese Garden and Pilot Point.


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Map of Goa

Map of Goa

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