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Goa Chitra: Ethnographic Museum

by TravelCurators Editorial | 5 February 2010 | 0 comments

Preserving the past to enrich the future. Goa Chitra is an attempt to showcase the fusion of Goa...

Goa Chitra

 Courtesy: Goa Chitra

Goa Chitra, a museum set against the back drop of an organic farm, is a tribute to the Goan ancestral way of life. The museum comprises more than 4000 objects. The structure of the museum blends modern technologies with the traditional materials and elements, such as wood, stone, doors, pillars and railings.

The concept of the museum’s construction resonates with the view that resources are to be used judiciously. The curator, Victor Hugo Gomes acquaints visitors with eco-friendly indigenous techniques that maintain a balance with the natural surroundings. 


  Ancient pots    Organic Farm    Goa Chitra Art Gallery

The different zones at Goa Chitra include an art gallery, organic farm, museum, Tulsi, the recreational and performance area, and a health and organic shop.

The orchid farm has plantations of coconut, mango, chickoo, banana, pineapple, amla, cocum, cashew, drumsticks. The fields are sown with three types of indigenous rice namely Kendel, Honchro and Doga.

Goa Chitra is set up for posterity. It seeks not only to restore and preserve the traditional agrarian lifestyle but also to promote the adoption of eco-friendly techniques practiced by ancestors.

Goa Chitra is a must visit for anyone who desires experience the Goan culture.


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Map of Goa

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