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Mangueshi Temple in Priol

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The Mangueshi temple was originally located at Kushasthali (present day Cortalim) in Salcete taluka on the banks river Zuari (formerly Aghanashini). It was later moved to what is now known as the Mangueshi in Priol village on 1st May 1560...

Mangueshi Temple

The Mangueshi temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva with Mangueshi being one of his incarnations. According to mythology, Lord Shiva after having lost his heavenly abode Mount Kailash to his wife Parvati in a game of dice was wandering around. He happened to settle in the forest land of Kushasthali for meditation.

Parvati (or Bhagvati) went in search of Lord Shiva and when confronted by a fierce tiger (who was Lord Shiva) she uttered the words ‘Trahimangeesh’ instead of Trahiman Girish which translates to ‘O Lord of the mountains, save me’. Lord Shiva left a Linga there which was discovered by a cowherd man named Moolkeshwar. The temple was erected to mark this occurrence.

This 400-year-old temple has a water tank which is believed to be oldest part of the temple. There is also a seven-storeyed deepstambha (lamp tower) peculiar to temples in Goa. The Sabha Griha is a spacious hall which can easily accommodate over 500 people. Its central part leads to the Garbha Griha where the image of Lord Manguesh resides.

Deepstambha     Water tank     Side Entrance

The temple has shrines of Parvati (Bhagvati, Lord Shiva’s consort) and Ganesha (God of Prosperity and Wisdom). In the courtyard is a temple dedicated to Lord Bhairava, the violent form of Lord Shiva and the custodian of the land. Behind the main temple is a temple dedicated to Moolkeshwar (or Mukto) who was responsible for carrying the Shiva Linga to Priol in 1560. A temple of Shanteri (Goddess of Peace) is found besides the ancient water tank.


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