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by TravelCurators Editorial | 5 July 2010 | 0 comments

Leave no trace of your visit on the destination...

Local Transport
Here are a few things you can do as a traveller to reduce your impact on the destination: 
  • The best mean of exploring Goa is on foot or pedal. You can rent a bike for a 50 rupees. Some places in Goa offer bikes for free. You can pay if you wish.

  • A simple and easy way to give back to a destination is by supporting locally-owned businesses and buying locally produced souvenirs for your loved ones.

  • When choosing an accommodation, select a locally-owned guesthouse, cottage or hotel.

  • Avoid buying articles along the beach road. These articles are brought either from Bangalore and Mumbai. It is wiser to buy these articles from the place of origin. If you are visiting India, you will be flying to Delhi or Mumbai first. Spend a day or two shopping there instead. Discouraging these articles will save the fuel used in transportation. Most of these articles are expensive because they are targeted for tourists alone.

  • If you are a domestic visitor (within India), try as much as possible to travel to Goa by train or bus.

  • Most states in India do not have an e-waste management system in place yet. Please do not discard e-waste at any destination in India. Leave no trace of your visit at the destination.

  • Travelling increases appreciation for other cultures. Please tolerate if not embrace the culture of the destination. Refrain from placing unnecessary demands on the destination lest it loses its identity. To put things simply, when in Spain, enjoy all things Spanish.

  • Encourage begging and you render the beggars helpless and incapable of surviving by themselves. Say No to Begging; Say Yes to Living!


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