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About half a decade ago, Palolem was known as the Paradise beach of Goa. You can still find some reference of it on many travelogues.Times have changed and so has the beach which is now one of the most crowded beaches in South Goa...

Palolem Beach

This crescent shaped beach is around 2 kms long. Towards the north is the Monkey Island easily accessible during the summer by a boat. It is known to house the Money Stone, a spot where you can take or leave money (any currency). The southern end is called the Neptune Point.

Monkey Island       Siesta Time       Neptune Point

Some say if you walk away from the beach at the southern end, you will see a cup shaped rock called the Pandava’s Drum.

Trivia: Palolem was featured in the Hollywood flick Bourne Supremacy (2004).


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Map of Goa

Map of Goa

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